Sunday, March 8, 2009

Marianas Cup - Sunday!!

Phil Dalhausser and partner, Tyce Mister, remain undefeated in the 17th Annual Marianas Cup.
Not only are there thrilling games ongoing at PIC, there's also the Horseshoes tournament.
If you're on Saipan, come on down to PIC now to see the top games - quarter finals, semi finals and FINALS!

The $16,000 purse is up for grabs with $4000 for 1st place men's and $3800 for 1st place women's. 2nd place men's and women's is $2500 and $2000, respectively.

Great form, 6'9" Gold Olympian, Phil Dalhausser on the jump serve!

Phil said that Russ & Jon are the best sports casters!
Daisuke on the jump serve

Chris & Jeff Carlucci (AVP Pro) against Randy & Kevin

Team T&A (Lindsey & Gin) and Shinako (Jpn pro), Aurora

Some great games right on the PIC Beach!

Another amazing jump serve

Shimpei (JPN Pro) and Russ in their first game of the day

Jenn (AVP Pro) with partner, Nicole

Mili & Korean Pro, Mi Hwa Shin

Tony Thompson on the block (former PIC Clubmate)

Phil signed many autographs throughtout the weekend! Thanks, Phil!