Monday, March 9, 2009

The biggest Marianas Cup ever!

The 17th Annual Marianas Cup Beach Volleyball Festival was an ultimate success. Not only did was PIC's main beach volleyball court jam-packed with enthusiastic spectators on Friday night, the FINALS drew another large crowd. And, the teams did NOT disappoint! The fans witnessed some incredibly thrilling games, with forceful spikes, amazing digs and eye-popping blocks!
Congratulations to ALL 104 participants of the 2009 Marianas Cup who helped make the event so spectacular! And of course, a big thank you goes to PIC Saipan for their generosity - over $50,000 in complimentary rooms & meals for pros, media and return winners in addition to the use of the venue, labor and supplies.

Pro Paul Baxter for his second consecutive title wins with former PIC Guam Clubmate,
Hugo Dooner, from California!

Paul & Hugo beat Phil Dalhausser & Tyce Mister in the Finals: 21-15.

Earlier in the day, Phil & Tyce played Shinya Inoue & Shoji Wakiya for third place. Shoji (in black shorts) "wowed" the crowd when he successfully blocked Phil and won the point. How many amateurs can say that? Shoj will likely include that on his resume.
Return winners Chie Iwana & Yoko Miki defended their 2008 Title to win the Women's Tournament. They received return airfare, compliments of Northwest Airlines, free hotel stay and meals by PIC Saipan and free entry by NMIVA. What a deal!

Federica Tonon and Daniela Gatteli moved up from the Loser's bracket to play Chie Iwana and Yoko Miki in the FINALS: 17-21. It was an exact re-match of the 2008 games.