Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Congratulations to the 2009 Men's Marianas Cup Winners!

Congratulations to all the participants of the 17th Annual Marianas Cup Beach Volleyball Festival! This record event would not have been possible without our valuable sponsors, especially PIC Saipan, for providing over $50,000 in complimentary rooms & meals for the pros, media and return winners in addition to venue, staff and supplies.

This year, the Marianas Cup had 49 participants from the US mainland, Japan, Korea, Italy, Guam and Bali.

5th Place: Dave Rillera (Partner Saki Waka), Daisuke Matsumoto & Shigekazu Fujimatsu ($300)
4th Place: Chris Nelson & AVP Pro Jeff Carlucci ($600)
Men's 3rd place winners: Shinya Inoue & Shoji Wakiya ($1200 cash)
Mens' 2nd Place Winners: Phil Dalhausser & Tyce Mister ($2500 cash)
Phil brought out his Olympic Gold Medal for everyone to see.
The 2009 Winners are Paul Baxter & Hugo Dooner ($4000 cash, return rountrip airfare, complimentary accommodation & meals at PIC, free entry for 2010).
The Men's MVP went to Shoji Wakiya for his phenomenal block in the 3rd place
game against Phil & Tyce. He says that they'll win next year!